Can you beat Boaty McBoatface?

The British public vote decides and it goes on the van – non of this Brexit nonsense

Name my new van and win £20 cash. You can even call her “Boaty McBoatface” and it is going on the side.

In the spirit of Eddy Stobart naming his trucks, I need a name for my new van. It will look great with the new Love it Plumbing graphics.

It is a small, but beautiful van, whose face does have some resemblance to a boat.  My challenge to you is find me an original name. The winner gets £20. No purchase needed.

Simply LIKE and SHARE this page on FacebookThe Natural Environment Council refused to back the public choice of “Boaty McBoatface” as the name for its new £200m polar research ship (despite an overwhelming choice , where have we heard that before?). So I am going to hold a public vote to name my humble £10,000 Nissan NV200. And it is going on the side.

Name entries close on May 29th.  The top three will go to a vote. I will have some fun and print the suggestions.  The person who suggests the winning name gets £20. Visit Love it Plumbing for full terms and conditions. Oh, and while you’re there, feel free to order a new bathroom!

Enter the competition here.

They didn’t go with the public vote. I will!

Ugly plumbing in Cafe Nero

Nothing restful on the eye

I don’t know if you share my love of coffee shops. I spend far too much time and money in them. A great re-invention of a British tradition before ale houses.

However. I judge every establishment by its toilets. Or plumbing. The Americans call them rest rooms. Well there is nothing restful about these toilets in the Cafe Nero shop opposite Queen Victoria Square in Hull. A statue to the old Queen sits on top of a public lavatory opposite Nero She would certainly “not be amused” by the plumbing here.

Selling 11 grams of coffee and a shot of hot milk for £2 plus is a lucrative business for all involved. So they have the money for those needing to spend a penny.

The old Queen would not be amused

Why do people think they can get away with charging heavy prices and having ugly facilities? And to make matters worse, the plumber, who put these toilets in must have zero pride in their work.

Health and Safety

York access ladder for a cowboy workman – breaking every rule in the book

I am not a health and safety bore. But I do intend to make it to retirement and enjoy a camper-van tour of Europe.

I saw this in York this week. It shocked me. Who would put this ladder up to knock a hole in the wall for a new bathroom? It was in a very expensive neighbourhood too. Where did they get this ladder from? Noah? Do they not realise it is life threatening. It is obvious. It could collapse and kill the worker and anyone underneath. A Health and Safety Executive prosecution would be inevitable for anyone caught using this. This is real cowboy antics.

There are strict rules about ladders, scaffolding and working at height for good reason. Everyone is entitled to go home safely. If there is one thing my job as a health and safety manager taught me is that safety starts with me. You won’t catch me near this ladder.

Company nostalgia

“A great reason why a gloomy history may repeat itself
is that we may have neglected what history did.”

I hoped you checked out the
“Deans 140 years of craftsmen”
section earlier in the website. I
was inspired to write something after I saw a Jacksons bakery
talking about their Hull story.

I try not to be ruled by the past, but I do think people need to learn the
lesson it has taught us. Like technology cannot rule our lives. An iPad can’t
tile a bathroom. I like to think I am a man of the 21st century. I have all the
latest PAT testing equipment, phones, website and Instagram accounts. But a
quick look at my family history shows none of this was really important when my
family was in its hey day. When the Deans built the Crescent hotel at Ilkley
they didn’t have text messages sent from Plumbfix
asking how their last order was – and how can they improve. I get a dozen more
each week straight to my phone.

No, back in the early Victorian-era plumbers glazed windows, talked to each
other – rather than texted – and walked to work. My family has a proud
tradition of building and construction. I am pleased to carry that on. Building
hotels, houses and factories, the Deans have done it all. Back when they
started, it was done to a very-high standard of craftsmanship. The Crescent
Hotel is still looking good today. They did not require laser plumb lines, 12v
drills and air-tools. Thankfully modern plumbing can embrace new tools. But,I
have yet to find a laptop which can lug a tool tote.


Clean tools – a plumber’s best friend

New coat of varnish – to old faithfuls

There is something satisfying about cleaning tools. I have had these files for 35 years and they have been in the family much longer. The largest file (pre-PC days its real name is a b*****d file) I think it is definitely pre- war.

I have been having a sort out. My dad died recently and I have been through some of his old tools which are hand-me-downs from his father and grandfather before him. I was wondering if any of them dated back to the 19th century when the Deans built the Crescent Hotel in Ilkley. But it is difficult to pin down. There are a t least 10 chisels which are very – very old. And one old screw driver with a beech handle, i use regularly still looked particularly ancient. A careful clean revealed it was made in 1944 – not very old at all. However, I won’t part with them. I love using them.

Despite buying three new tool totes recently – I still can’t seem to give up my old one. I just know where everything is.

New branding

Getting hip ain’t easy. During the course of design of the new website I have had help. Graeme Lawton at Burton Creative – a top graphic designer – gave me some vital pointers. I think it was half-an-hour while he waited for his fish to cook a week last Thursday. Using telephones and computers we talked through some issues like: How do I make pages on a website? What is a theme? Why can’t I get them in order? He advised me Word Press was not intuitive. So I stopped pulling my hair out.

Anyway, you can see the result. Judge for yourself. As an aside, in less than an hour, he took my logo and created van graphics and a business card. Granted, I had given him the logo, but wow! The speed and the simplicity. He took it to the next level. The boy did good. Thanks Graeme.

Matt Vinyl Graphics did my van decals