Quality is intelligent effort

Another day, and more repairs to bad workmanship. At this job the homeowner called in desperation, because the original plumber had smashed, bodged and flooded the property. Water was coming through the kitchen spotlights as soon as a new shower tray, enclosure and wall cladding were installed. It was not a week or a month after, but immediately. Despite the plumbers remedial efforts he was unable to stop the water pouring through the ceiling when the shower was on. Was it from the shower tray, the shower valve, waste or supply pipes? He could not tell because had not put in a key hole in the floor or tested the tray before installing the cladding and enclosure. Big mistake, but not the first or last. He had already smashed a new 40kg glass panel in the bathroom, chipping the bath and shower tray (He said the glass was faulty! As if! There was nothing he could do to repair the chips and scratches in the bath and tray; we’ll actually there’s is but he didn’t). His choice of decorative cladding, rather than shower wall (a rookie mistake) meant it would never be water proof. So really it could have been leaking from there too. The new shower tray had not been laid on a mortar bed and the waterproof internal corner trim was none existent. Instead a blathered mess of silicone had been topped with a piece of aluminium trim to shield the corner join. A prayer had been sent to the waterproof God who had replied: let there be a flood. Silicone was spread everywhere. All the indications are he is not a real craftsman. So my task was simple make it work without leaks. So l condemned the old cladding. It had to come off. Out came the enclosure and that shower tray. The floor was lifted to reveal the shower waste was not connected to the 42mm waste pipe. The cause of the problem. Water was always going to flood the downstairs. You see plumbing is not a simple task, because to stop this happening when you lay a tray you must create a keyhole in the floor outside of the tray. Which in this case meant lifting a cement and grouted tile without cracking it. I did that and tested the tray before putting the shower wall up. It all takes time, but if you don’t then disaster is knocking at the door. The customer was pleased with the result. I could not put it better than John Ruskin who famously said:” Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” Just check out your next plumber’s experience on a website before he starts. If it doesn’t show any detailed examples of work then move on to the next one. Quality plumbing is no accident. Clueless plumbers will cost you dearly.