About Us

Attention to detail is so important. You can be fitting a humble garden tap, or a whole new bathroom, but if you don’t care about how it looks, or how long it lasts – then what is the point?

When I was putting together this website I happened to find a few images of shocking plumbing jobs. It really makes me wonder why people care so little. As a craftsman your head must be deeply involved in the process. Not thinking of getting off early on a Friday.

You have to work methodically. Plumbing is one of the oldest professions – dating back to Roman baths – there should be pride in that. It is still done mainly by hand – 50 per cent of my craft is about long, patient days aspiring for accuracy.

Modern technology has changed drilling, tile cutting and soldering from when Cesar was a lad. But I still mitre using hand files and hacksaws. I still fit glass in wooden windows with putty – yes, when I started that was a plumber’s job too. Technically speaking you are getting a handmade job.

When you chose a plumber, look for someone who has an eye for the finished job.  

Hire us for your plumbing needs and you won’t be disappointed.


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