Punk my cloakroom

“That looks cool..It’s amazing..Wow..Looks fab…Completely different..” Just a few reactions to this cloakroom transformation. Take an ugly 80s downstairs wc, add a lot of imagination and …voila! This steam punk room is what you get. The homeowners are going from room-to-room putting their personal touches on them. They are not afraid of colour or design. Here the dull cream paint was hiding ugly boxing, drab tiles, hiding even uglier pipe installation. The lack of space was made worse by boxing. There was not a lot going for it, you may think. So rather than hide the pipes, l made a feature of them. The soil stack, had to be redesigned to provide space for the steel, retro flanges. A feature was made of the stopcock! The panelling gives texture to the room. The electric fuse board was a design opportunity to install replaceable LP mounts. Space for art which can easily be replaced as the frames flop forward. The box can easily be removed to access the fuses. The lesson here is to make use of what you have got and not be constrained by other people’s ideas. Or in other words: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.