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Shower pumps to boost relaxing

Ever wondered how to make your shower better? Sure you have. You’re just too afraid to ask. Here 17metres of pipe work had to be put in along with two new tank connections and an electricity supply. All usually in a loft where there is plenty of opportunity to bang my head or scrape a knuckle. So when you say can we have a shower pump, please, remember it is quicker to say than do.

modern and minimal

Scale it back. Let the tiles do the talking. Scandinavian minimalism has influenced bathroom taste. Clean lines and wall hung cabinets echo the Norse playbook. There is a general lack of clutter.

This white and grey suite has cooly-transformed the original ‘90s look. This is the third make-over in this bathroom’s history. I found tiles for the original suite under the bath. A re-plastering of the walls kept things ship-shape after the tiles came off. A partial reboard with waterproof Aquaboard ensures the walls will remain dry. The Ideal Standard equipment was first rate.

Grey rules the room.

Grey is the new vogue.

You deserve a special new look. Especially when it is 60 years since your bathroom was new. This was no quick fix, as everything came out including the 140kg cast iron bath. Off came 150kg of sand and cement from the walls. In went a new suite, power shower, ceiling, window and Karndean floor. There was even a loft ladder to install. The reaction: “ The difference is amazing. My sincere thanks for the work you have done. It was a pleasure to use the bathroom this morning with loads of time to spare. You have done a wonderful job. And if ever you need a reference please ask.”

Luxury spa bath looks great in a small room

Wow, that looks amazing..the customer’s reaction to her new bathroom.

Victorian Plumbing suite

A hole in the floor, plasterboard ruined. Leaking water from a poorly installed shower screen had taken its toll on this old bathroom and it was caught in time before some real damage to joists.

Thankfully the customer was not afraid of colour. And the tile choice was theirs, bold and inspired. Teal, off white and wood panelling ticks all the boxes for a modern, eclectic look. A full tiling of all the room takes time, but was split evenly in colour.

The resulting transformation was complete.

Love the price – bathroom suite for under £2,000

When times are hard necessity becomes the mother of invention. If the pandemic has left you plotless try this deal. A new bathroom suite for under £2,000. That is bought and installed. A designer toilet, basin and bath, with an overhead shower.

What is not to love. You do the tiling, floor, decoration and l do the stuff you have not got the tools and the experience for. Give me a call and let’s get choosing.

Rainwater dripping onto a path can undermine the house

Help! My walls are damp and the brick work and concrete never drys out.

The cause was 30 years of rainwater not reaching the drain. Lots of houses have drainpipes that spill onto the path. They have never been connected to a gully and drain. It is too much hard work! Here 6m of piping and finding the old drain left me dripping with sweat. Gutting concrete and digging rubble is not for the faint hearted. It was well worth the effort to make sure this house never slips into a sink hole of its own making.

This was laid onto pea gravel and levelled before final connection

Shower not working?

There are hundreds of valves on the market

A customer came to me 12-weeks into lockdown saying his shower had stopped. His usual plumber was not returning his calls. Where have I heard that before? Living in a hard-water area, most showers are spent in 10 years. It is best starting a fresh. You have had your moneys worth. But this valve was a year old and cost £275. It was worth repairing. It can be like wading through treacle finding the right part. If you have tired of watching paint dry, just see how many hundreds of different valves, thermostat s and divertor’s there are: divapor. I look, so you don’t have to.



“The bathroom looks fantastic, Rich. Smashing job, you’re one in a million. We are both extremely grateful for your hard work.”  Mrs G Willerby.

“Thanks Richard for doing such an excellent job with everything. I really appreciate it. I will continue to recommend you when other people are stuck. I shan’t have anyone to talk to tomorrow!” Mrs M Newland, Hull.

“Thanks for the beuatiful new cloakroom. I am going to enjoy it. You did a wonderful job. Keep watching the Chateau. Why does it never rain there? See you soon, ” Mrs C Thorngumbald.

“Great service – went the extra mile to preserve the tiles he took off , as we couldn’t find a match. The new bath went in and he replaced the tiles – as good as new.” Mr W  Skirlaugh.

“Great shower tonight. I am super happy with the new bathroom, ” Mrs O Beverley.

” Thanks for yesterday. Everything working brilliantly. I have gone jet wash crazy!” Mr L Cherry Burton.

“Genuine guy, I didn’t think he would come out for my garden tap. But he did. I have recommended him to my friends.”  Mrs L, Hessle.

“Replaced my bath and fitted a shower over it – even did the tiling. Good job – very happy.” Mrs P Beverley.

“With the handrails he fitted in my shower – I no longer worry about slipping. I have him down to build me an ensuite.” Mrs H Bilton.

“Thanks Rich, I know when you do a job, it is not just done, it stays done.” Mr K Manchester.

“A god send – you came to me on Christmas Day when British Gas let me down. And I was paying for their cover.” Mrs B Hedon.

Moving radiators

Redecorating rooms are the biggest cause of people wanting to move radiators. As you can see here, new radiators can make a big impression on how a room looks. I do it alot.

Placing an upright radiator under a window like this is rare. It looks good and luckily it also works.

Unlocking a room’s potential is important. You may want a new settee and there is not enough space. Move the radiator. It usually means a system drain down, and a good chance to give it clean water and extend the life of your system.