Tiling make-over … herringbone

Two customers, with an eye for interior design, wanted the old vinyl on the kitchen, lobby and bathroom floor replaced. They also wanted and a new focal point creating in the bathroom. For those looking to make a bold statement, a herringbone pattern has the zeitgeist. Walls done in herringbone have a unique design – a more geometric and modern vibe. These two cool-kids were splashing out £70-a-sq-metre on these tiles. They knew exactly what they wanted. My first reaction to the herringbone idea? The teal is lush and the herringbone is sexy!

Assembling the pattern around a window and inside the reveals? That is a different story. It is like building a 1,000 piece jigsaw with a picture. Because it was a small space, almost every tile has to be cut. It is considerably more expensive than brick-bonding.

The customers’ reaction to the finish? “Just want to say we proper-love the job you have done. We just cant stop staring at it. Also there about 10 people who we have passed your number on to, because they want the best.”