Get the wow factor

The best way to start the day is in a warm, well-lit bathroom where you don’t have to queue, while the rest of the family prepare to meet the world. Two sinks in a bathroom gives a luxury look. But it is also great for beating the queue. When planning a bathroom you should allow for standing room. This is the space you need to dry or use the bath and WC. Getting rid of a separate bath and shower here made the room larger and easier to use.

The bathroom suite was replaced. The grey and black theme included a new heated towel rail. Tile trims, shower, screen and waste were all chosen to match. The shower had been leaking and the bath filler dripping. The redesign required considerable plumbing relocation for both the hot/ cold and drainage. Out went the DIY plastic plumbing and back in went trusty copper pipes. The walls had to be rebuilt in places as the old plaster was blown and the previous bathroom fitter had not bothered to plaster plasterboard. The room had once been divided and different levels meant it was not a quick skim. Lifting the old, tiled floor was not easy, as a stubborn sandwich of adhesive and plywood had been laid. As usual the bathroom fought back and drilling 22 holes in rock-hard porcelain tiles became the bain of my life. The Scandinavian-inspired wall-hung basin required a wall to be built to conceal the pipe work. The hot, cold and waste had to be carefully placed to ensure it fitted into drawers. The customers reaction? “ It’s great. It turned out better than we ever envisioned. We just need to tell our youngest not to climb on the wall-hung shelf! Thank you again.”