Art Deco

Its Deco Time.

When your house was built in 1905 you must show it respect. Kings, Queens and Prime Ministers have come and gone in that time. So what period do you pick? Mid Century, the ‘50s or ‘60s? The roaring ‘20s are as good a period as any, to reflect the house’s heritage. The customer went bold Deco: with a statement shower screen; to die for. Here a Chatsworth toilet and vanity unit ramp up the style of a traditional cast iron towel rail. The feature panelling adds English upper class. Straight-edge cross-taps match radiator valves and the 1928 basin mixer. The Deco movement was famed for bold geometric forms, so the floor is on point, and so are the fresh pinks for ceiling and walls. The green crackle tiles have a Parisian feel. And they are topped with a picture rail tile and chrome tile trim edges. Deco evolved in the 1930s into Streamline Modern which used a lot of chrome and polished surfaces. Here the horrendous cupboard has been transformed into storage with French Louvre doors. While ripping out the original cast iron bath here, l found a copy of The Daily Sketch in the padding, dating to 1966. This room needed a lift and rather than go modern it went back to its roots! The customers reaction. “Wow! We love it. So much hard work went into it. Thank you.”