Mid Century Verve

Cool 50s-style inspired this bathroom for a mid-century look. The angled futuristic tones from the wash stand were the springboard of inspiration. The young couple fell in love with the stand and looked for complementary ideas. A statement piece, deserved a herringbone wall, not an easy tiling technique let me tell you: which is why so few people offer it.

Together the bathroom has attitude and a subtle wow factor . Everything was moved position, from the toilet to the basin, bath taps and shower valve. The bath had been leaking and all the below floor plastic plumbing was replaced with copper pipes and fittings. I spent a lot of time getting the tiling right before the luxury brass fittings went in. While others are running from the gold look, thIs room embraces it . The customers reaction to the finished job? “ I am thrilled. l love it. It is so clean and fresh, compared to the old bathroom. “ After being told she must watch for water stains on the wash stand, she joked: “We are a form-over-function kind of couple….I can’t wait to get a bath tonight with some candles!” This bathroom shows that with a little thought a humble family bathroom can be transformed into a unique personal space. It has a designer twist and a little verve.