Whirlpool with Greek geometrics

Imagine Spa, Greek food and lazy summers. A cool Budweiser beer and a little whirlpool trickle. Are you there? Welcome to The Cavendish suite. Luxuriate in its calm splendour. Take a moment to relax.  It is a world-away from its former life. Just look at the starting pictures.

This room set nearly didn’t happen. The customer wanted to wipe away the legacy of the previous owner and put her stamp on home. The door frame look had to come out. And ideally knocked into one. A great idea. However, although walls are on-supporting, the ceiling joists don’t meet the Building Inspectors’ modern demands. So, it was back to the drawing board. At first blush the lead pipes, crumbling plaster and previous works is enough to put anyone off. This was no makeover. Just lots of hard graft.  The Byzantian-complicated pipework from bathroom-to-airing-cupboard and loft had to be sorted. Then ace plasterer Reece Kerman did his magic bringing the walls back from the dead. Meanwhile top sparky James Moon kept us all safe . After final fix it was time to relax and enjoy some quiet time. And the customers reaction? “The boys are just about to get in the bath and are so excited. The eldest is made up to have a toilet upstairs. Thankyou for all the hard work you have put into transforming it into our dream room.”