Add love

If you are building a bathroom, it’s like baking a cake. You have to have love, the right ingredients and a special person in mind. At Love it Plumbing l am always looking for the next cake.

Here the task was righting the wrongs and showing the love. Six years ago a bandit plumbing firm (who the customer nicknamed Bodger and Badger Inc) charged 6k to fit a bathroom that never worked. The shower didn’t drain, the sink leaked and the Heath Robinson style bath waste collapsed. The leak brought the ceiling down in the utility room ( l had to put up a new ceiling). At first glance the bath panel was made of cladding and the vanity unit drained into a bucket. Call backs to Bodger and Badger Inc had made the problems worse. Holes were punched in walls to find pipes, attempts to fix leaks with tape were pitiful. And all the time a shower leak was rotting 2/3rds of the floor. The toilet waste was flowing uphill. On a bad day the drains were blocking and backing up. Bodger and Badger Inc simply did not have a clue. They left a badly damaged house, a spaghetti of plastic pipes (because clearly they could not solder) plumbing was hung on sky hooks and tiles were doubled on the window sill. It was enough to make you cry.

Here the brief was: please make it work. So it was back to basics: everything out, walls down, copper pipe in and drains which flow down hill. What should have taken three weeks took four because Bodger and Badger Inc hid a lot of issues( and left a lot of rubbish under the floor).

The transformation is complete. The customers reaction? “It’s so nice to have someone who cares and takes pride in their work, which you clearly do. It’s like a spa. I love it, l have never had anything like this before. I have taken photos to show my friends. I want you to do my whole house.”

And just to show a good heart, l was rewarded with cake made by the customer. Not just any cake. A set a custom made Love it Plumbing cup cakes, baked with the same craftsmanship l put into the bathroom. A first for me. I can die a happy cake-filled man. Thanks Emma, they were delicious. And thanks for the litres of tea.