Clean tools – a plumber’s best friend

New coat of varnish – to old faithfuls

There is something satisfying about cleaning tools. I have had these files for 35 years and they have been in the family much longer. The largest file (pre-PC days its real name is a b*****d file) I think it is definitely pre- war.

I have been having a sort out. My dad died recently and I have been through some of his old tools which are hand-me-downs from his father and grandfather before him. I was wondering if any of them dated back to the 19th century when the Deans built the Crescent Hotel in Ilkley. But it is difficult to pin down. There are a t least 10 chisels which are very – very old. And one old screw driver with a beech handle, i use regularly still looked particularly ancient. A careful clean revealed it was made in 1944 – not very old at all. However, I won’t part with them. I love using them.

Despite buying three new tool totes recently – I still can’t seem to give up my old one. I just know where everything is.