Ugly plumbing in Cafe Nero

Nothing restful on the eye

I don’t know if you share my love of coffee shops. I spend far too much time and money in them. A great re-invention of a British tradition before ale houses.

However. I judge every establishment by its toilets. Or plumbing. The Americans call them rest rooms. Well there is nothing restful about these toilets in the Cafe Nero shop opposite Queen Victoria Square in Hull. A statue to the old Queen sits on top of a public lavatory opposite Nero She would certainly “not be amused” by the plumbing here.

Selling 11 grams of coffee and a shot of hot milk for £2 plus is a lucrative business for all involved. So they have the money for those needing to spend a penny.

The old Queen would not be amused

Why do people think they can get away with charging heavy prices and having ugly facilities? And to make matters worse, the plumber, who put these toilets in must have zero pride in their work.