Health and Safety

York access ladder for a cowboy workman – breaking every rule in the book

I am not a health and safety bore. But I do intend to make it to retirement and enjoy a camper-van tour of Europe.

I saw this in York this week. It shocked me. Who would put this ladder up to knock a hole in the wall for a new bathroom? It was in a very expensive neighbourhood too. Where did they get this ladder from? Noah? Do they not realise it is life threatening. It is obvious. It could collapse and kill the worker and anyone underneath. A Health and Safety Executive prosecution would be inevitable for anyone caught using this. This is real cowboy antics.

There are strict rules about ladders, scaffolding and working at height for good reason. Everyone is entitled to go home safely. If there is one thing my job as a health and safety manager taught me is that safety starts with me. You won’t catch me near this ladder.